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Our club is now returning to local meetings at the club venue.
7pm - 9:30pm Monday Evenings.
Club Net and on air quiz may be continued - to be discussed with members.

Attendance at the club does not require a face mask or face shield, that will be for the individual to consider.
All members or potential members are welcome to attend.

For more information contact our secretary via the contact page.

If you want to contact the club, please do so via the contact page and the secretary will respond. Members can keep in touch through the South Notts ARC Facebook Page and our WhatsApp group.

Welcome to the South Notts Amateur Radio Club Web Site. We are a vibrant and fun club, based in the East Midlands, aiming to further the interest of its members in all aspects of amateur radio and associated activities. The club operates HF and VHF stations on special event weekends and on club nights. We also run construction projects, lectures and discussion evenings. Licence training at foundation, intermediate and full licence levels is available to club members.

Please feel free to visit on club nights where a warm welcome awaits you.

If you'd like to register FREE with our website, follow this link for a video tutorial of how to do so.

Field Day Report

Howard G1GBO - 29/06/2022

Field day was, for those who were able to attend, a good day to be out portable. The weather was kind to us, with sunshine all day, if a little breezy. Our only dampener came in the shape of another contest filling the bands with (in David's words) alligator stations (lots of teeth but no ears!). John (EDX) demostrated his Norcal Doublet antenna, mounted on an array of antenna poles that would make GCHQ proud. John worked Sweden, amongst others. David (BWY) sporting a Sotabeams BandHopper worked some of the contest stations across Europe and I worked in to Hungary using an 80-10 EFHW, based on Steve Harvey's antenna whivch you'll find in our article section. All three stations worked with just 5W from FT-817 radios. Thank you to those that visited on the day, maybe next time you can join us.

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